We are like the old story, the frog and the... Yes... The scorpion.
— Roman to Noah
The Roman
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation: Italian Mafia
Nationality: Italian American
Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: Peter Fonda

Louie, Also known as "The Roman", a former Italian mob boss turned extremely powerful Criminal Underworld consultant and the primary antagonist of The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. He directly hired Ottillo Panza who called the Saints out by killing a priest.


Friendship with Noah MacManusEdit

Louie was a young Italian immigrant in New York City in the 1950's. He was best friends with Noah MacManus, father of Connor and Murphy MacManus. After Noah's father died, Louie used Noah to kill off the competition of the crime family he worked for. When Louie was given the offer to become Mafia Don for Noah's imprisonment, he took the chance and set up Noah in a police trap. Louie became an extremely powerful mob boss and MacManus was sentenced 25 to life.

Mafia AuthorityEdit

Somewhere down the line however, the Mafia he was apart of double crossed him. Citing that without his hitman & former best friend, he was of no use to them. Eventually casting him out in disgrace. But even without his status as a Mafia Don, Louie would still spend the rest of his life with an unbelievable amount of power to all Italian crime families. Plotting revenge, he would enlist the aid of immigrant and assassin Ottilio Panza to work as his enforcer and personal informant. All while he pretended to come to the aid of the decimated Yakavetta crime family in order to help rebuild after the death of it's previous Don at the Saints hands. He secretly came up with many decisions their branch of the Mafia made, like teaming up with the Chinese and assassinating Father McKinney. All Mafiosos referred to him as "The Old Man" or "The Roman," and was respected like a "Mafia Oracle."


Towards the end of the second film, the whole of The Roman's plan came to fruition. Using the MacManus family as a means to an end, with Concezio gathering the heads of his mafioso sect in one place. The Saints would easily reap them all in one fell swoop. All to enable Louie's ascension to crime boss once again thanks to the shift in power. Noah eventually discovered where the Roman was hiding. He and the Saints, including Romeo, went to confront him about Noah's arrest. After the Roman gave a speech about their past, several mobsters attacked Noah and the Saints in the movie's final battle. When the Saints survived the attack, Louie knew his time had come and passively allowed Noah to kill him.

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