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Pound for pound, man. Toughest motherfuckers on earth!
— Romeo to an unnamed fighter
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
Affiliation: the Boondock Saints
Nationality: Mexican American
Status: Alive (in a coma)
Portrayed by: Clifton Collins, Jr.

Romeo is a supporting character in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Romeo first appears as a Mexican street fighter who is later recruited by the Saints. He takes the place of Rocco as a comic relief character who helps the MacManus brothers track down Yakavetta.


Early Life[]

Romeo grew up in a Mexican American family in Boston, Massachusetts. He worked for his Uncle Cesar in a Mexican restaurant cleaning dishes. All he wanted in his early life was his Uncle's appreciation, but he never got it. He joined street fighting for money and fought fighters from all over the world.

Joining the Saints[]

Romeo joined the Saints when he saw Connor and Murphy MacManus spill their pennies which they use to put on the eyes of the dead. Romeo immediately recognized them and requested that he join.

Working with the Saints[]

Romeo helped the Saints with the assassinations of a group of Chinese Triads, Italian Mafiosos, and Concezio Yakavetta. He also participated with the other Saints to help Noah MacManus get his revenge on The Roman.

Incarceration and Coma[]

Romeo was arrested along with the MacManus brothers after he participated in the killing of The Roman; however, Romeo was shot in the process and is currently in a coma, kept alive in the hospital wing of the "Hoag" Maximum Security Prison.