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Paul Smecker.jpg
Paul Smecker
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation: FBI
The Saints
Nationality: American
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Willem Dafoe

Special Agent Paul Maximilian Smecker (1956 - present) is a main character in The Boondock Saints. Smecker is part of the FBI who works with Mafia and other organized crime. While investigating the death of two Russian mobsters, Smecker is drawn toward two brothers who believe God sent them to rid the world of crime and evil.


FBI Career[]

Paul Maximilian Smecker was a brilliant FBI Special Agent who worked with the Task Force. He was gifted with the ability to figure out crimes by just observing all the evidence in the scene. He specialized in organized crime and was assigned to the murder case of two Russian mobsters that were killed by The Saints. Since then he became drawn to The Saints and began to obsess over the case.

Chasing the Saints[]

Smecker stayed hot on The Saint's trail, only arriving to the scene of the crime hours after it was committed. He was involved with the investigation of each act of vigilantism committed by the Saints until their hiatus. He investigated the Copley Plaza Massacre, the Sin Bin Assasination, the Turkey Shoot in the Bar, and the Firefight with Il Duce. He found The Saints by doing a fingerprint scan on Rocco's shot off pinky finger (which he found on the ground of the Firefight crime scene).

Joining the Saints[]

Smecker increasingly thought that what The Saints were doing was necessary because all of their victims were terrible people. He talked to a priest in a confession booth, and was assured by the priest that "The laws of God are higher than the laws of man." He then contacted The Saints and helped them out with their assassination of Mafia Don "Papa Joe" Yakavetta by granting them access to the court room which the mob boss was being trialed in.

Faked Death and Plan to Break out the Saints[]

After betraying the FBI and helping The Saints, Smecker fled from America and faked his death. He spent the next 8 years in an unknown location and was discovered by Special Agent Eunice Bloom. Smecker now has a plan to break out The Saints from the Hoag Maximum Security Prison, and get them back to work.


Paul Smecker is believed to be homosexual because some scenes show him doing homosexual things . One time we see him in a bed after having sex with another man but when he tries to cuddle with Smecker he is slapped, followed by Smecker saying "What a fag". Also in another scene, he is depicted as drowning his sorrows at a gay bar. His anger and drunkeness push him to go as far as to call his bartender a "fairy fuck", upon being refused another drink. The bartender and patrons however, realize his true sexuality and career as they choose not to react.

Another time he snuck into Papa Joe Yakavetta's mansion by disguising himself as a female hooker. While it's mostly a tactic used for infiltration some question why he chose the plan that involves him wearing women's clothing. It is shown by the end of the sequence however, that his false identity saved him from slaughter at the hands of Il Duce, who was known for his rule against killing women.


  • Dafoe was originally penned to do the sequel; however, without knowing when that might be, Troy Duffy rewrote the script in 2004 and introduced the character of Eunice Bloom. Dafoe's role in BDS2 is an unaccredited cameo.
  • Some time prior to studying drama at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, William Dafoe legally changed his name to Willem (which is Dutch for William) because he didn't like people calling him Billy.