Noah McManus
Noah MacManus
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation: The Saints
Nationality: Irish
Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: Billy Connolly

Noah MacManus, better known as II Duce, is the father of Connor and Murphy MacManus, and fellow partner of the vigilantes who hunt down and kill criminals and mobsters. He first appears in The Boondock Saints as a main character and appears in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day as a supporting character where he is killed in a shoot out. He also has a butterfly tattoo on the back of his right hand, but when he got it is unknown.


Early LifeEdit

Noah MacManus emigrated from Ireland to New York City with his father, Jacob MacManus, in the 1950s. They worked a leather shop with several other Irish Americans. Noah befriended a young Italian immigrant named Louie. One day, New York City mobsters walked into their leather shop demanding assistance. When Noah's father refused to work with the mobsters, they brutally murdered him in front of Noah's eyes. Louie did not arrive in time to save Noah's father, finding Noah to be mentally scarred by the whole experience.


Noah witnessing his father's murder

Revenge and Vigilante CareerEdit

Noah swore revenge on his father's murderers. With Louie's help, he tracked down the mobsters and killed all who were responsible. This act of vengeance was only the start of Noah MacManus' mafioso killing spree. Noah and Louie used their leather making skills to create Noah's famous jacket that has the ability to hold six guns at a time. With Louie's help, Noah began taking down La Cosa Nostra, one by one.


Noah got married to a woman named Annabelle and fathers two brothers, Connor and Murphy. He was not there to raise them due to the fact that it was too dangerous for them if his enemies found out about them.


After Noah did a significant killing, he went outside to see that the police were there to bring him to prison. It is later revealed that Louie had been a member of an Italian crime family, and he had used Noah the entire time to destroy their competition. Louie no longer needed Noah, so he turned him in and Noah was sent 25 to life.


The Mafia used Noah under the name 'Il Duce' whenever they had a situation they could not handle. Whenever they needed someone killed, he would get them killed. When the Yakavetta family was being killed off by The Saints Guiseppe Yakavetta decided to once again release Noah from his imprisonment in order to kill The Saints.

Reunion with his SonsEdit

Boondock 1

Noah MacManus in a firefight with The Saints

Noah MacManus found The Saints performing the family prayer on their dead friend, David Della Rocco. Noah recognized the prayer and joined midway. The MacManus brothers then knew it was their father, since it was only their family who knew of that prayer. Once they reunited, The MacManus family went to kill The Yakavetta family's boss and fled to Ireland.

Reunion with LouieEdit

Noah's sons went back to Boston to seek revenge on the people who framed them for the murder of a priest. Noah later discovered that it was his old friend Louie, now a high authority to all Italian mafia crime families, who framed the MacManus brothers so that he could bring Noah to him. Noah eventually found Louie, and Louie revealed to him that he was the one that sent him to prison. Noah and the brothers then participated in a shoot out with several Italian mafiosos who were protecting Louie. Noah was fatally shot.


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