Papa joe
Guiseppe Yakavetta
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation: Italian Mafia
Nationality: Italian American
Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: Carlo Rota

Guiseppe "Papa Joe" Yakavetta is the primary antagonist of The Boondock Saints. He was the Don of Mafia Crime Family, the Yakavetta Crime Family, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Mafia CareerEdit

Guiseppe ('Joseph' in Italian), was involved in organized crime since he was a young boy. His father was the former Mafia Don and worked with Augustus Distephano. Guiseppe became the boss of the Yakavetta Family after his father died and went on to be the infamous leader of one of Boston's most successful crime families. He was responsible for the death of David Della Rocco along with 16 other victims.


Papa Joe was put on trial for the ordered killings of 17 people. In the courtroom, two journalists in the over-hanging balcony discussed on the obvious fact that Yakavetta would be claimed innocent since the jury was composed of Yakavetta's people. During the session, the court room was ambushed by the Saints ( Connor, Murphy, and Noah MacManus). The Saints gave a speech to the witnesses and then proceeded with the assassination. The Saints recited the family prayer and executed Guiseppe in public.


Papa Joe's execution scarred the Yakavetta Family and put them in fear of the Saints; however, Guiseppe's son, Concezio Yakavetta, decided to finally get his vengeance on the MacManus brothers which led to the events in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

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