Why? Because I am so fucking smart, I make smart people look like they are retarded.
— Special Agent Eunice Bloom
Eunice Bloom
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation: FBI
The Saints
Nationality: American
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Julie Benz

Eunice Bloom is a main character in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Bloom is introduced as the protégé of Paul Smecker.

Biography Edit

FBI CareerEdit

Special Agent Eunice Bloom of the FBI Task Force was assigned to the murder case of Father McKinney, handpicked by Paul Smecker himself to handle The Saints situation. Eunice was chosen due to here natural talent as an investigator, being Smecker's protege she displayed exceptional investigative ability.

Relationship with the SaintsEdit

Bloom immediately knew that the Saints did not commit the murder of Father McKinney (due to the obvious evidence to the contrary), and later found out that the assassination was done by Ottilio Panza who was hired by The Roman; however, she knew they were back after investigating the murders of a group of Chinese drug dealers that were teamed up with the Yakavetta Crime Family. She later saves the Saints from Panza who surprise ambushed them after they killed a group of Mafiosos. She joined the Saints and helped them with the assassination of Concezio Yakavetta, much like how Smecker helped the Saints execute Guiseppe Yakavetta eight years earlier.

Wanted by the FBIEdit

Bloom illegally retrieved information on the Roman's location to help Noah MacManus get his revenge. After doing this, she fled to an unknown location to avoid FBI persecution. She discovered Paul Smecker was still alive and has joined Smecker's plan to break the Saints out of prison by hiding a toothpick inside Connor's anus.

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