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Connor MacManus.jpg
Connor MacManus
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation: The Saints
Nationality: Irish American
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Sean Patrick Flanery

Connor MacManus is one of the two protagonists of the Boondock Saints series, the other being his twin brother Murphy MacManus. Connor appears in The Boondock Saints, and its sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.



  • Left-side of his neck: Mary Magdalene.
  • Left hand index finger: VERITAS, truth in latin.
  • Left forearm: Celtic Cross
  • Back: Christ's chest on the cross.

Early Life[]

Connor was born in Ireland along with his fraternal twin Murphy MacManus. He and his brother were raised by their single mother and did not know their father personally. They were raised in a very religious family and kept their religious beliefs into adulthood. The two boys both attended school, where they learned to speak languages such as Latin, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Gaelic (Native Irish Language), and Italian. When they reached an older age, they moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where Connor and Murphy got a small apartment and a job at a meat factory. They kept their religious faith and attended Church every Sunday morning. The two enjoyed their lives in America and often went drinking with their close friend David Della Rocco.

Forming of The Saints[]

On March 17, 1999, the boys were celebrating the traditional Irish holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day. On that evening, they were approached by three Russian mobsters who demanded that they leave so they could force the bar owner to close down the bar. Connor and his brother refused to go and Rocco started a fight with the mobsters. The bar fight resulted in the Russians being seriously injured, who were far out-numbered by the brothers and their friends. The next day, their apartment was invaded by the same mobsters who sought revenge on Connor and his brother. The brothers managed to survive and kill the mobsters out of self-defense. Feeling guilty, they turned themselves in, and stayed in jail for a night to avoid attention from the press. In their prison cell, Connor and his brother were spoken to by God, and given the orders to kill those who sin. The media dubbed them “The Saints.”

Connor looking at Murphy in wonder of what his fate is to be.

Career as a Vigilante[]

When Connor MacManus and his brother began their career as “The Saints”, they visited an Irish Gun Dealer. Once they bought their weapons and Connor got his rope, they set out to rid Boston of evil, starting with the assassination of Yuri Petrova along with many underbosses of the Russian Crime Syndicate. While crawling through the vents of a Russian mob hide-out, Connor’s rope came in handy when they crashed through the ceiling due to weight. Eight bosses and underbosses of the Russian Mob were caught off guard and killed by Connor and his brother, who spared Yuri for last. Once Yuri was the only one left, the two brothers said their traditional family prayer, and shot him in the head. They recruited their friend Rocco, a package boy for the Boston Italian Mafia, who had access to personal information of all members of the Yakavetta Crime Family. Rocco helped The Saints with the assassinations of Vincenzo Lapazzi, the underboss of the Yakavetta Family, and an anonymous serial killer who Rocco had previously worked with. The two brothers got into a firefight with Il Duce who was hired by the mob to track down the assassins. Connor and his brother were captured by "Pappa Joe" Yakavetta when they tried to infiltrate his home and kill him. While captured, Connor, Murphy, and David Della Rocco were beaten by the four mafiosos protecting "Pappa Joe," with the mob boss himself coming in to first shoot off David Della Rocco's other pinky finger, and then shooting him through the heart. After escaping their restraints, Connor and Murphy begin saying their family prayer when Il Duce, who reveals himself to be their long lost father, walks in and finishes the family prayer for David Della Rocco. After escaping, the two brothers along with their father went on for one final assassination. They teamed up with inside man Paul Smecker who helped them break into a court room in which infamous Mafia Don, Guiseppe “Papa Joe” Yakavetta, was being trialed in. Connor and his family gave a speech to the witnesses about obeying three simple social and moral codes before executing Guiseppe Yakavetta in public.

Connor and Murphy aim their weapons at Ill Duce.


After their final assassination, Connor, along with his brother and father, moved back to their homeland in Ireland. Roughly 8 years later, they received word from their Uncle Sibeal that a priest was murdered in Boston and was made to look like it was done by the Saints. After hearing this, Connor and his brother decided to go back to Boston and kill those responsible, thus ending their hiatus.

Returning of The Saints[]

Connor and his brother returned to America recruiting a new member of the saints, an underground street fighter named Romeo. The brothers immediately deduce that Papa Joe Yakavetta’s son, Concezio Yakavetta, was behind the murder. Connor and the saints go off to kill a bunch of Chinese drug dealers who are teamed up with the Yakavetta family. They later learn that the priest’s killer was hired by another man who goes by the name of The Roman. Connor and his fellow saints kill another group of Yakavetta’s mobsters, but then are ambushed by Ottilio Panza, who was the assassin hired to kill the priest. Connor and the others are saved by Eunice Bloom in time, thus making Ottilio flee for his life. The Saints finally break into Concezio’s hide out where they assassinate all the mobsters in it including Yakavetta himself. Thinking they had won, Connor and the saints are attacked again by Panza who is killed by their father. The Saints set off with Noah MacManus to finally kill The Roman, who is revealed to be Louie, the man who betrayed Noah and sent him to prison. While assassinating Louie, Connor and his brother’s father dies of gunshot wounds. Connor and the others are then approached by many police officers waiting for them outside.


Connor and his brother along with Romeo were arrested after killing The Roman and are now currently held captive in the Hoag Maximum Security Prison. FBI agents Paul Smecker and Eunice Bloom plan to break them out so they can continue their profession of being The Saints.


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